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Hello! Nice to meet you!


My name is Mariana Falvo and I am a Production Designer based in São Paulo. 


As a visual creator, I developed my aesthetics through practice, technique, determination and intuition. Colors, stories, patterns and psychology are my passions. 


I have a degree in Cinema and Interior Design and I began working in the film industry in 2008 as a costume intern for commercials. The next year, I worked as a film script treatment assistant at Pródigo Filmes.


In 2010 I became a freelancer working for various production designers. From then on, I worked for 8 years as an assistant art director and set designer for important names in advertising and content production, such as: TV Globo, O2 Filmes, Paris Filmes, Black Maria, Coração da Selva, Paranoid, Mixer, among others.


“Turma da Mônica Laços”, in 2018, was my first project as a Production Designer. It earned me two award nominations: ABC 2020 Award and 19th Brazilian Cinema 2020 Grand Prix.


In 2022 I won the Best Art Direction Award at the Guarani Brazilian Cinema Awards, and in 2023 I was awarded the Best Art Direction for TV Show in the ABC Cinematography Award. 


I believe that the creative process should be collective, loving and fun.

| Member of


ABC Brazilian Association of Cinematography

ADASP São Paulo Art Director Association

APAASP Association of Audiovisual Art Professional of São Paulo 

BRADA Brazilian Collective of Female Production Designers 

PDC Production Designer Collective

and I am a council member of the group Parenting in Audiovisual

| My memory collection


1986  born in são paulo, brazil

2004  carl jung theory course

2005  artistic drawing brazilian art academy (ABRA)

2008  got started in audiovisual


2009  bachelor degree in cinema from anhembi morumbi university 

          certification in the interior design from panamericana school of art and design 

          worked at pródigo filmes


2010  began as art direction assistant 

2015  began to work as a scenographer

          lived in armeno, Italy, to acquire my italian citizen

2017  visited the biennale arte giardini in venice


2018  first film as a production designer

2019  visited machu picchu

2020  birth of my son max

2022  best art direction award at the guarani brazilian cinema awards 

2022  birth of my daughter mel

2023  best art direction for tv show in abc cinematography award

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